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Konferencja „Hegel and Marx on the Global Crisis”

Conference Hegel and Marx on the Global CrisisConference

Hegel and Marx on the Global Crisis

22.-23. October 2012, University of Warsaw



  • University of Warsaw:
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology
  • Faculty of Law and Administration
  • The Hegel and Marx Society of Poland
  • Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Conference Program


                        University of Warsaw, Central Campus                          Kazimierzowski Palace – Brudziński`s Hall


Sunday, 21 October

18.00-23.00: Opening party – Harenda Restaurant, Krakowskie Przedmieście 4/6

Monday, 22 October

9.30: Registration

10.00: Conference inauguration and welcome of participants

10.30: Andreas Arndt (Berlin, Germany) – Keynote speech – Hegel, Marx and Freedom

12.00: Harry Cleaver (Austin, Texas – USA) – Rupturing the Dialectic: The Struggle against Work, Financial Crisis and Beyond

13.00-13.15: Coffee break

13.15: Jakub Kloc-Konkołowicz (Warszawa, Poland) – Marxian Critique of Hegel’s Dialectic of Recognition

14.00: Lunch – Harenda Restaurant, Krakowskie Przedmieście 4/6

16.00: Tommaso Redolfi Riva (Florence, Italy) – Bailey and Ricardo in Marx’s Presentation of the Form of Value

16.45: Michał Herer (Warszawa, Poland) – Beyond speculation

17.30: Coffee break

17.45: Joanna Bednarek (Poznań, Poland) – The Crisis of Capitalism in Three Feminist Dystopias

18.30: Janusz Ostrowski (Warszawa, Poland) – Dialectic of Secularization

19.15: Ewa Majewska (Kraków, Poland) – A Marxist Legacy. Love and Revolution in the Contemporary Socialist Feminism

20.00: Lino Veljak (Zagreb, Croatia) – Re-Thinking Hegel’s and Marx’s Actuality

Tuesday, 23 October

10.00: Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer (Leipzig, Germany) – Keynote speech – Hegel and Marx downside up. How realism and idealism dialectically swap their places in Hegelian ‘social democratic’ liberalism and Marxian communist Utopia

11.30: Riccardo Bellofiore (Bergamo, Italy) – Lost in translation? Once again on the Marx-Hegel connection

12.30: Coffee break

12.45: Owen Hatherley  (London, UK) – Urban Machine: Marx and Engels on the English Industrial City

13.30: Krystian Szadkowski (Poznań, Poland) – Reading Marx in the times of double crisis. Higher education system as a site of production, exploitation and struggle

14.15: Lunch – Harenda Restaurant, Krakowskie Przedmieście 4/6

16.00: Andrzej Przyłębski (Poznań, Poland) – Hegel’s political theory as a source of cultural critique

16.45: Małgorzata Kowalska (Białystok, Poland) – The “Global Crisis” as an Invitation to Leaving History

17.30: Coffee break

17.45: Boyan Znepolski (Sofia, Bulgaria) – Transforming social critique in times of crisis: from pragmatism back to Marx

18.30: Michał Kozłowski (Warszawa, Poland) – Marxism and Social Sciences

19.45: Tomasz Rafał Wiśniewski (Warszawa, Poland) – Historical Materialism as a Theory of Freedom

20.30: Closing of the Conference

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